Now you can become a novice vaticanologist is a place for observing The Vatican and its global geo-political consequences.

For budding vaticanologists these articles can be a course of training – Vaticanology 101. For a short course, just start here and work your way, sequentially, through articles 001 to 025 and beyond. When you have posted your comments for each article and completed 025 you will be qualified novice vaticanologist. reflects the personal view of the independent Australian vaticanologist, Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, who has been watching The Vatican and publishing his views for over thirty years.

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson thinks advocatus diaboli, like a devils advocate. This has strategic value because it is a deliberately skeptical role which was invented in 1587 by Pope Sixtus V.

He decided to start on Good Friday, 2013 after writing in the media about two recent and dramatic events in The Vatican–the Resignation of Benedict and the Election of Francis.

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