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Suppose there was a debate on the topic: Is Karol Wojtyla really a saint?

Suppose I was given to argue the negative.

I would argue the following based on Matt 18:1-5:


JESUS: One day, I was teaching my apostles. These were the first bishops – my own bishops, whom I personally appointed. They were curious about rank and precedence in heaven. Naturally, they wanted to know who I thought would secure the most favourable positions in heaven. They kept asking me about who’d get to be in the inner sanctum? Who would sit closest to the Father Himself? I saw this as a good opportunity to assert my authority. I spoke to my bishops ex cathedra, giving them one of my core teachings. Later these teachings were recounted first by Matthew and then corroborated by Mark and Luke. I saw a little kid watching me so I called him over and sat the kid in the middle of them all and then I taught them the following important lesson. May I quote?

“Listen! I’m telling you disciples the truth now. Unless you change and become like little kids, YOU won’t ever be getting into the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever makes himself as little as  this little kid, he’s the one who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And anyone who welcomes one little kid like this one, in my name, also welcomes me.” (Matt 18:1-5).


043 – CRIKEY: Jesus addresses Catholic child abuse in unprecedented press conference

My argument would run this way:

ITEM:  While there must have always been pedophiles in and out of the church, the current crisis in the Catholic Church grew to catastrophic proportions all during the papacy of one single man – John Paul II.

This is a man who has canonised more saints than any pope in history. This is a man who has created more bìshops and cardinals than any other pope. This is a leader who has travelled to more countries and has been seen by more people than any other man in history. Tragically, he has also presided over the loss of more priests than any other pope with a growing number of his flock having no parish priest at all.

010 – What did Jesus Really Say About ‘Women Priests?’

ITEM:   The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has revealed about the Catholic Church in Australia that:
• More than 4440 Australians claim to have been victims of church abuse between 1980 and 2015;
As many as 384 Catholic diocesan priests, 188 religious priests, 597 religious brothers and 96 religious sisters have had claims of child sexual abuse made against them since 1950. Claims have also been made against 543 lay church workers; and
• More than 1000 Catholic institutions across Australia were identified in claims of sexual abuse, with a total of 1880 alleged perpetrators between 1980 and 2015.

Much of this was due to the leadership (or lack thereof) of Wojtyla while he was JPII for 30 years. While this revelation is just Australia alone, there is evidence that this scale abuse of children went un-managed by him in Poland and in many other parts of the world, too.

Given the very specific instruction given by Jesus in Matt 18:1-5, about children, the chances of Wojtyla getting into heaven at all are very low, if not zero.

It is hardly necessary to point out that if you cannot even get into heaven then you cannot qualify to be a saint. No, whatever JPII may have been, he certainly was not a saint.