The Jorge Way: Example #10.  Benedict, my mentor.

Consult your mentor. Value Grey Hat thinking. Think outside the square. Seek wisdom. Set an example.


Francis talks to the press about his working relationship with his predecessor, Benedict XVI

It’s like having a grandfather at home. A very wise grandfather. In a family, a grandfather is at home, he is honored, loved and he is listened to. Benedict XVI is a man of great caution …He doesn’t get involved in issues. I’ve told him many a times, ‘Your Holiness, continue with your life, meet with people, come along with us.’ He did agree to come to the inauguration of the new St. Michael statue. I think that phrase sums it up: It’s like having a grandfather at home. He’s like a father. If I’m in a  bind, or if  I’m faced with something I don’t understand, I can call him.


“No! No! Papa, Papa … “