At that time there was a young South African lawyer called Nelson Mandela who, himself, was sentenced to life in prison. He was kept behind bars for 27 years. Then, one day, he was set free. Naturally, there was a great fear in that land that he would wreak the traditional and expected revenge on his jailers. So you can imagine the nice surprise when he did something enlightened instead. He forgave them. He recruited them. He trusted them. He redeemed South Africa alongside them.

At the same time there was an extraordinary resurrection in South Africa. A coming back from the dead. A long lost writer called Sixto Rodriguez was miraculously found and revealed. His words and music had been even more popular in South Africa than the dead and divine Elvis Presley. In fact, the divine Rodriguez was also believed by his fans to be a dead star. But, in 1998, in front of a crowd of thousands of his followers at the Velodrome in Cape Town he appeared. Alive. He performed his music. The crowd was ecstatic.

Not only a redemption but also a resurrection! What two splendid gifts of hope have been given to Australia by enlightened South Africa. And indeed gifts to the rest of the world. Thank you so much.

• Dead Men Don’t Tour …  Rodriguez in South Africa 1998

• South Africans pay tribute to former leader.